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Independent Non-Executive Director

Candidate information


Many non-executive opportunities will no doubt be brought to your attention in the course of a year, but we firmly believe that this one is particularly special. PRS is one of the most precious elements of the UK’s creative industry: our vitally important (and frequently life-changing) task of ensuring that song writers and composers are fairly rewarded underpins thousands of careers, venues and creative businesses. We must continue to be as effective and innovative as possible in the service of that goal, and for that we need the very highest calibre of governance.

We are a complex organisation – when is IP anything else!? – but we are also highly skilled at what we do, and have an unparalleled record of pioneering innovative approaches to emerging trends and technologies. Our new Independent Non-executive Director will help us continue and extend this world-class level of performance, bringing an exceptional blend of professional experience, technical and analytical rigour, and commercial acumen. Your independent mindset, sophisticated approach to discussion and instinctive pursuit of equitable outcomes will ensure that our strategic thinking and decision-making is consistently outstanding.

We encourage you to contact our consultants at Cadence Partners for an informal and confidential discussion.

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